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August 2013 Safety Meeting
Posted On: Aug 07, 2013
Safety committee minutes 8-7-2013 Members Present: Major J. Gosper, Major Doug Boyd, Captain Jason Walton, Firefighter Jack Trautwein Update on the apparatus committees Nothing to report Reviewed turnout wear test individuals Next step is to get gear Hoping to have tests in January Discussed the need to review our Trailer policy There are concerns that the trucks we are pulling trailers with are not big enough There is a lot of inexperienced trailer drivers who may be required to pull trailers Are the trailers over weight? Capt. Walton will check with the fire commission on possible training for pulling of trailers. Review the safety class proposal to add drills to the safety class. FF Trautwein will talk to Ty and determine the best way to put that out there As soon as some solutions are done we will incorporate it FF Trautwein brought up the Union would like a report on what the safety committee has done since inception in January Major Gosper offered to meet with Union at next meeting to assist in this if this is something they would like Discussed how the Overhaul monitoring policy is affecting personnel. Although it was agreed the policy was good there is concern that we need some support. The extended use of bottles makes rehab a higher priority and there may be need for a specific rehab truck for response There is a need for more extended stays by the mobile air truck, The mechanic who has already worked a full shift may not be able to function on scene for 3-4 hours as opposed to the past ½ to one hour times. We discussed the possible need for a secondary cascade truck that may be able to be incorporated into a rehab truck. Reviewed the SP302s A. We discussed to fitness for duty policy. The union members expressed a concern similar to the administration stance on the need for a cardiac stress test in those situations where cardiac issues are the reason for the “fitness for duty” exam.
Lexington Firefighters IAFF Local 526
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